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HMS Group made a partial prior redemption of its Ruble bonds series 02 for 1.9 billion rubles, excluding accumulated coupon interest, at 100% par value. 3 billion rubles bonds with a 10.75% coupon rate were issued in February 2012 and matured in February 2015. Raiffeisenbank acted as purchase agent.

HMS Group successfully completed user acceptance testing of two oil booster pump units manufactured for Transneft. The units will be installed in the Yuzhny-Balyk line operations dispatcher station to provide mainline oil pumps with oil charge.


HMS Group made the final redemption of its Ruble bonds series 02.

Kazancompressormash produced and delivered four compressor units to NOVATEK. Two low-pressure compressor units 6GC2-384/4-49 and two high-pressure compressor units 4GC2-65/18-101 were delivered by NIITK and are intended for compression of stripped associated petroleum gas.

Kazancompressormash produced and delivered three modular screw compressor units, intended for compression and supply of fuel gas to the gas turbines of the Shinginskaya GTPP (Gazprom Neft).

HMS Group will deliver three new generation series DeSum pump units and a feed pump APE 580-185-5 for a steam turbine reconstruction project of at the Omsk TPP-3 (TGK-11).

HMS Group produced and delivered 8 pumps for the Rumaila oil field (BP Iraq NV). The multistage centrifugal pumps CNS 500-1900-5 with 500m3/h capacity and 1,900m pressure head have up-to-date diffusers with improved hydraulic properties and low vibration values. Application of the new mechanical seals and plate couplings increases the pumps reliability and simplifies their maintenance and repair. The pumps will be installed at the cluster pumping stations to provide water supply for the injection systems. More than 40 units of CNS centrifugal water injection pumps, manufactured by HMS Group, have been successfully operated at the Rumaila oil field over the years.


Compressors made by Kazancompressormash, were put into operation at the Bubnovka and Ekaterinovka compressor stations (Gazprom). Reconstruction of the compressor stations is a part of Gazprom’s project to expand the Urengoy – Novopskov gas pipeline within the Southern Corridor gas pipeline system construction project.

HMS Neftemash organized production of the Mera-MP metering unit based on the NetOil&Gas multiphase flow meter.

HMS Livgidromash produced and delivered 4 mobile pump units for the 3rd block of the Rostovskaya NPP (Rosenergoatom), that are intended for water supply in emergency situations for maintenance of additional heat removal. The mobile pump unit is an independent pump station in a warm mounted shop, completed with a diesel engine, a generator unit and all necessary environmental support systems.


HMS Group will produce and deliver ten blocks for gas separation and reduction to be installed on the South Kemachi oil & gas condensate field (Uzbekistan). A fuel and buffer gas separation block is intended for natural gas removal of solids and condensed moisture. A gas reduction block is intended for expansion of fuel, start, buffer and blowdown gas to a required level.

HMS Group produced and delivered 9 condensate pump units for the 2nd stage construction of the Blagoveschenskaya TPP (RusHydro). The plant is a part of an investment programme of RusHydro for construction of four new generating facilities in the Far East of Russia


Under the agreement with CNEIC, Nasosenergomash delivered six centrifugal pump units for the 3rd block of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Station, which are intended for pumping of intermediate cooling water. Altogether, HMS Group will produce and deliver 36 pump units for the plant's safety systems on the 3rd and the 4th blocks.


A centrifugal compressor station, manufactured by Kazancompressormash and intended for compression of dry hydrocarbon gas, was commissioned at LUKOIL Permnefteorgsintez. The compressor station was equipped with a 4MW engine and delivered to the installation site as ready-to-use.

HMS Group Shareholders Annual General Meeting was held on June 19, 2015. The shareholders approved the Company’s annual report for 2014 and the consolidated and stand-alone financial statements of the Group for 2014, a composition of the Board of Directors, appointed Deloitte Limited, Cyprus as the Group’s auditors, while the Group’s Directors had been authorized to agree on the auditor’s remuneration, and approved the Buyback program of the company with respect to global depositary receipts.


HMS Group made a partial purchase of its Ruble bonds series 03 for 2.3 billion rubles, excluding accumulated coupon interest, at 97.75% par value. That was the prior redemption of 3.0 billion ruble bonds, with a 10.10% coupon rate, issued in February 2013 and matured in February 2018 with an offer in February 2016.

HMS Neftemash and Gazprom Neft Novy Port negotiated a contract for elaboration of design documentation, fabrication and procurement of skid-modular process equipment for construction of comprehensive gas treatment unit at the Novoportovskoe oil & gas condensate field, a prefabricated fuel gas treatment module will be supplied at the field. The gas treatment module will consist of two isolated modules (process and control sections) being fully equipped with required engineering systems. Its commissioning will enable Gazprom Neft to utilize up to 95% of associated petroleum gas at the Novoportovskoe oil and gas condensate field.


Kazancompressormash will manufacture and deliver four compressor systems for a project at a booster compressor station on the Samburgskoe oil & gas condensate field (ARCTICGAS). These compressor systems include centrifugal gas compressors 43GC-163/18-108 with capacity 198,336 nm³/h and discharge pressure 10.6 MPa (106 bar). The compressor equipment will be produced under a contract with Kazan Motorbuilding Production Organization (KMPO) and is designed to operate as a part of GPA-16 Volga gas compression system providing supply of purified crude compressed gas to the complex gas treatment plant for low-temperature separation process.

HMS Group supplied a retrofitted pumping unit for transfer of chemically active liquids to Nevinnomysskiy Azot (EuroChem). The unit based on horizontal centrifugal section pump HBE-M with 630m3/h capacity and 390m head was designed for a scheduled replacement of the previous HBE chemical pump.


Kazancompressormash won the 3rd place in the nomination "Pump-and-Compressor Equipment" in the rating of efficient manufacturers of equipment for retrofit of oil & gas processing plants which was issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in order to provide information support for the market of oil & gas equipment to increase its transparency.
Totally, 34 oil & gas companies were questioned, and Kazancompressormash became the only compressor manufacturer included on the list of winners.

HMS Group signed a 3.5 billion rubles contract for delivery and installation of 5 high-pressure compressor units, intended for compression of separated associated gas.

HMS Group participated in the 11th International Water and Wastewater Exhibition of Iran (WATEX 2015) where it presented a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and services for the water & utilities industry including brand new pumping solutions - HMS DeLium double suction pumps and HMS Ciris borehole submersible pumps manufactured in accordance with international standards (ISO, API, DIN, AISI, ANSI, NEMA).


HMS Neftemash signed a contract to supply a block cluster pumping station for the Srednebotuobinsk oil & gas condensate field. The station is intended for water injection into productive layers during formation of pressure maintenance operations and is equipped with five CNS type centrifugal multistage pumps with 240m3/h capacity and 1422m pressure head. The station consists of highly prefabricated process and electrical skid modules for short transportation and installation time. An automatic control system ensures operation of the equipment without continuous presence of personnel.


Kazancompressormash produced and delivered 3 centrifugal compressor units intended for a gas booster station at the Yurkharov oil & gas condensate fleld.

Rosstandard certificated a new testing facility constructed at HMS Neftemash, which is the largest metrological test flow facility in Russia. The stand allows to test and make metrological calibration of volumeters and all types of oil & gas metering units as well as to make independent examination of different types of measuring equipment made in Russia and abroad.

HMS Group has manufactured and delivered 2 modular pumping station for the Olimpiadinsky mining and refining plant (Polyus Gold). The return water pumping station with a total capacity 1,500m3/h and 180 head is equipped with a new series DeLium double suction pump, characterized by high energy efficiency and low NPSH. Hydraulics of pumps were engineered using contemporary computer modeling techniques, which ensures higher parameters of operation reliability.

HMS Group signed another contract to supply a number of pumping units for the 1st and the 2nd power units of the Belarusian nuclear power plant (Ostrovets, Grodno Area) currently under construction. The sophisticated ACNA series pumping units with up to 2,000m3/h capacity and 40m pressure head are intended for intermediate cooling system circuit and certified for Class 2 safety and the 1st seismic classification. The Group has already been implementing a number of contracts for manufacture, supply and installation supervision of the pumping equipment for the main and auxiliary systems of the Belarusian NPP.


HMS Livgidromash signed a 500 million rubles loan agreement with the Fund of Industrial Development of the Russian Federation for realization of a project to localize the production of high-end pumps intended for oil refining and transportation, nuclear power generation industry.

HMS Group delivered pumping equipment to Severnaya CHPP in Saint Petersburg (TGK-1). The ASE type pumping units with 2,500m3/h rated capacity and 180m head are intended for pumping of DH system water. The pumps are characterized by reliability due to main components made of robust alloy materials as well as decreased net positive suction head and up to 86% efficiency.

A compressor system, manufactured by Kazancompressormash, has been put into operation at the Syzran Oil Refinery (Rosneft).

The compressor system based on 5GC2-216/14-26 centrifugal compressor with 216m3/min capacity and 26 bar discharge pressure is intended for compression of hydrogen-bearing gas and operates as a part of catalytic reforming unit. The system runs on nitrogen(regeneration mode and hydrogen- bearing gas (main mode) providing the required capacity and discharge pressure parameters for the process system. The compressor system is characterized by stability in the conditions of hydrogen content alternations within the range 75-98% of the working gas, which is achieved by means of application of steam turbine

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