Corporate social responsibility

HMS Group fully recognizes the responsibility to all of its stakeholders and communicates with them on a regular basis. The Group contributes to the social development and improvement of the quality of life across local communities in the regions where it operates.

People First!

Employing over 15,000 people and being one of the major employers in cities where our facilities are located, we carry enormous responsibilities. We believe that employees are one of the core assets of HMS Group, and that we can only be successful and sustainable by attracting and retaining the best people, encouraging and developing them to achieve their full potential. In 2015, we continued investment in staff training and education, focussing mainly on accounting and functional education, including development of managerial competencies of the company’s officers (MBA/EMBA programs), and English language teaching. Training and development are managed locally in order to address both the needs of the facility and those of the employee. About 140 trainings and courses were held in Moscow alone.

In 2015, HMS Group continued its planned recruitment to open positions. As at 31 December 2015, the company employed more than 15,000 people, although this was less than in 2014 due to a planned optimization.

Average headcount as of December 31, 2015

  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 20142015
Industrial pumps 8,395 7,344 7,197 8,522 8,958 8,931 9,1999,152
Oil & gas equipment 2,135 2,126 2,132 2,482 2,463 2,396 1,8621,924
Compressors 0 0 0 0 2,373 2,271 2,5092,276
EPC 2,410 3,157 3,269 3,175 3,725 3,014 1,7471,600
Other 188 215 241 247 295 303 295284
Total 13,128 12,842 12,839 14,426 17,814 16,913 15,61315,236

Safety is one of our priorities and the company improves its health and safety standards on a regular basis. There are courses and trainings on occupational safety, fire and the environment held at all production sites throughout the year. The entities also hold regular, routine medical check-ups for employees working in hazardous production areas.

We promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle because not only does it help to maintain a productive and positive workplace, but it is also the right thing to do. In 2015, HMS Group held a number of family and sporting competitions and other events that over the years have become a tradition in the corporate life of HMS Group subsidiaries.


Efficient use of natural resources is one of HMS Group’s main priorities. The Group systematically implements environmental and energy-saving technologies at its production sites, even though in general the environmental impact of HMS Group subsidiaries is low.

We not only continue to work on developing and selling energy-efficient product and service solutions, but also all of our businesses focus on efficient consumption of fuel, paper, water, electricity and heating.

HMS Group conducts activities on a regular basis to offset environmental impacts, including waste management, analysis and control of water quality on industrial sites, environmental emission compliance, and industrial environmental monitoring.


In 2015, HMS Group continued its long-standing tradition of investing in the future by developing local community projects. The company believes that charity initiatives and the creation of jobs and business opportunities strengthen local economies and support community development projects.

HMS Group sponsored various projects that support healthy lifestyles and education for children and youth, culture and arts.

In Kazan, HMS Group continued its sponsorship of the Ice-Hockey Federation and the Judo Federation in the field of youth sports development.

The company pays extra attention to children from low-income and vulnerable families, orphanages and health care institutions. In Livny, HMS Group supports a number of schools, kindergartens, regional hospitals and orphanages. In Tyumen, the company provided support to the Regional Medical Society, the Tyumen Regional Fund for Judo and continued its commitment to sponsorship of Boarding School #66. In Moscow, HMS Group continued to support the Preobrazhensk Cadet Corps.

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